My family and me on vacationFirst and foremost, I believe life is a blessing. The decisions we make on a daily basis teach us valuable lessons, and these lessons help improve our lives. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect, but I strive to be a better person every day.

Secondly, I believe music has a huge impact on our lives. Music makes us feel an array of emotions. Music can help us relax, heal a broken heart, and most importantly, give us words to live by. Country music has done all three of those things for me.

I despised country music up until a year ago. While working at my summer job, country was the only station my employees and I could have on the radio. I started liking country with each 10-hour shift that passed because the lyrics had much deeper meaning than the rap songs I normally listened to.

Today, country music fills my iPod, and it’s my favorite genre of music. I believe country music teaches us valuable life lessons and makes us happier.

Anyway, my name is Abigail Prulhiere. I’m a junior public relations student at Kent State University. A few things I love about life include God, my family (especially my niece and nephews), the beach and basketball.

Email me at aprulhie@kent.edu. Follow me on Twitter @aprulhie.



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